Safety in the company

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The SER.IN.T. provides a complete package of health and safety consulting services in the workplace from small to large companies. Our qualified team is able to support you in covering all legal obligations (Legislative Decree 81/08).

We, the entrepreneurs meet them, carry out inspections in their operational headquarters, analyze their needs: only in this way can we then implement the interventions that are truly necessary.

What we offer

  • Drafting of the general risk assessment document (DVR);
  • Assessment of all specific risks;
  • Drafting of single interfering risk assessment documents (DUVRI);
  • Audit of legislative compliance on the documentation present in the company regarding risk assessment;
  • Assumption of the role of Delegate of the Employer;
  • Assumption of the role of External Manager of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP);
  • Assumption of the role of Prevention and Protection Service Officer (ASPP);
  • Assistance and advice to the Prevention and Protection service already present in the company;
  • Verification of the documentation produced by suppliers with reference to the provisions of art. 26 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments, in order to obtain the qualification from the customer;
  • Collection, organization, document monitoring of suppliers and sub-suppliers on an ongoing basis for professional technical verification.

Why Invest in Company Safety

We believe that an adequate safety and health strategy in the company can:

  • Prevent workplace safety risks and demonstrate that the company is socially responsible;
  • Protect top management from administrative liability (Legislative Decree 231/2001) deriving from the exercise of activities;
  • Protect and enrich the image and value of the brand;
  • Create a more competent, aware, participatory, motivated and healthier workforce;
  • Reduce business costs and increase competitiveness;
  • Meet customer expectations for safety and professional technical suitability
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