SER.IN.T. organizes training courses both in the classroom and online on the subject of workplace safety.

We have an agreement as a Training Center with the national joint body O.P.N. ITALIA LAVORO, which operates and validates training courses pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 on health and safety in the workplace.

For more information on the courses provided on workplace safety, you can write to us via the form or call our offices directly at +39 0521 987152.


Online Courses

Online courses are a tool of high didactic value that allows the advantages of classic classroom training without requiring physical or time constraints.

SER.IN.T. makes available online remote training, with the use of teaching in e-learning mode, accessible to individual workers from a dedicated platform.

All of our online courses are available 7/7 days and 24/24 hours, in order to extend the learning of the course over time and manage it according to the needs of your work or leisure time.

The lessons of the e-learning courses are divided into short topics that are made up of individual teaching units, at the end of the teaching unit there is a self-learning test to be carried out in order to proceed to the next unit, upon completion of the use of all the arguments there is the final test.

The online training provided by SER.IN.T. takes place on the basis of the provisions of the law as defined in Annex II of the State Regions Agreement of 7 July 2016. Upon completion of the course, certificates are issued by the accredited body, which have full legal value throughout the Italian territory.

To be able to take the course online, you just need a device with an internet connection (PC, tablet, smartphone); there is no obligation to always connect from the same device because the frequency can occur from any location, it just needs to be connected to the Internet.

Available to each student, at the portal, their own reserved area that allows them to take advantage of the online courses active for each user and to have their own document archive section, where the certificates to complete the online course are located.

Classroom Courses and Videoconferencing

We design and deliver classroom courses and synchronous videoconferencing.

The videoconference mode allows you to form large or small groups of people at the same time, reducing travel costs and travel expenses to zero, through a real “Virtual Classroom”, which allows you to participate interactively.

Videoconferencing, by sending images and audio in real time from the places where the teacher and learner are present, makes it possible not to be present in the same classroom even in the face of a frontal exposure.

The courses carried out in this way comply with the prescriptions of the current legislation on the subject of health and safety at work and the certificates have the same validity as those issued for the courses held in the classroom.

To be able to take part in a videoconference security course, you just need a good internet connection, a PC with an audio output and a webcam. There is no need to download and install any software.

Once registered for a videoconference security course, the participant will receive an e-mail containing a link that will allow them to access the virtual classroom on the day set for the course.

The certificates issued, in collaboration with bilateral bodies and OPN, are valid throughout the national territory.


Workplace Health, Safety training and refresher courses

  • Workers pursuant to the state regions agreement of 21/12/2011;
  • Supervisors pursuant to the state regions agreement of 21/12/2011;
  • Executives pursuant to the state regions agreement of 21/12/2011;
  • Use of work equipment pursuant to the state-regions agreement (eg forklifts, ple, cranes, etc.);
  • Fire-fighting personnel: training of the fire emergency management team;
  • First aid officers: training for first aid emergency team;
  • RSPP (employers) pursuant to the state regions agreement of 21/12/2011;
  • PES – PAV, electrical risk training;
  • PPE, training and use of PPE third category;
  • RLS (workers’ safety representatives).

Courses for professionals

  • Security coordinator;
  • Update for safety coordinator;
  • Head of the prevention and protection service – module a;
  • Head of the prevention and protection service – common module b;
  • Head of the prevention and protection service – module c;
  • Update for the prevention and protection service manager;
  • Safety trainer.

H.A.C.C.P. Courses

  • Unqualified catering staff – risk level 1 staff;
  • Qualified catering staff – risk level 2 staff;
  • Food industry manager;
  • Training course for food handling workers – category b – medium risk;
  • Training course for food handlers – category a – high risk;
  • Refresher course for food handling workers – category a and b – high and medium risk.
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