Construction Site Safety

Assumption of the role of Design Coordinator, art. 91 Legislative Decree 81/08 s.m.i.

  • Drafting of the Safety and Coordination Plan;
  • Drafting of the Technical File of the work;
  • Estimation of safety costs, with reference where possible to current prices or to prices formulated on the basis of documented market analysis;
  • Preparation of the work schedule (work schedule) aimed at identifying the activities that take place separately or jointly.

Assumption of the role of Coordinator for the Execution of the works, art. 92 Legislative Decree 81/08 s.m.i.

  • Surveillance, through appropriate coordination actions, on the application of the provisions contained in the plans and related work procedures;
  • Adaptation of the safety and coordination plan and the file in relation to the evolution of the work and any changes that have occurred;
  • Organization between employers, including self-employed workers, of cooperation and coordination of activities as well as their mutual information;
  • Proposal to the client, in the event of serious non-compliance, the suspension of works, the removal of companies or self-employed workers from the construction site or the termination of the contract;
  • Suspension in the event of serious and imminent danger of the individual processes until written notification of the adjustments made by the companies concerned.

Assumption of the position of Works Manager and Assistant Works Manager, Article 90 of Legislative Decree 81/08 s.m.i.

  • Determination of the duration of the work or work phases that must be carried out simultaneously or subsequently;
  • Designation of the coordinator for the design and the coordinator for the execution of the works;
  • Supervision of the activities of the CSP and CSE, evaluating the safety and coordination plan and any plan and dossier prepared by the coordinator for the design;
  • Communication to the executing companies of the names of the coordinators for the design and execution of the works, making sure that they are indicated in the construction site sign;
  • Protection of the provision of the safety and coordination plan and any general safety plan to all bidders in tenders;
  • Transmission of the preliminary notification to the competent health body and to the provincial labor management;
  • Verification of the suitability of companies in accordance with the provisions of Annex XVII.

Assumption of the position of Prevention and Protection Service Officer (ASPP) of the construction site, Article 31,32,33 of Legislative Decree 81/08 s.m.i.

  • Identification of risk factors;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Identification of the measures for the safety and healthiness of the workplace, in compliance with current legislation on the basis of the specific knowledge of the company organization;
  • Elaboration, as far as it is concerned, of the preventive and protective measures referred to in article 28, paragraph 2 as amended by Legislative Decree 106/09 and the control systems of these measures;
  • Development of safety procedures for the various company activities;
  • Proposals regarding employee information and training programs;
  • Participation in consultations on the protection of workers’ health and safety as well as in the periodic meeting;
  • Provide workers with the information referred to in Article 36 of Legislative Decree 81/08 regarding:
  • Risks for safety and health connected to the activity of the company in general;
  • Procedures concerning first aid, fire fighting, evacuation of workers;
  • Protection measures and activities adopted;
  • Specific risks to which they are exposed in relation to the activity carried out, safety regulations and company provisions on the subject;
  • Hazards associated with the use of dangerous substances and preparations, based on safety data sheets provided by current legislation and good practice rules;
  • Names of the workers in charge of applying first aid and fire prevention measures.

Drafting of the Operational Safety Plan

Preparation of the Operational Plan which consists in identifying the risks of the work to be carried out in relation to the organization (logistics, equipment, organization of works, executive procedures) of the contractor, according to the contents of Annex XV of Legislative Decree 81 / 08.


Consultancy services on the compliance of provisional works, machinery, equipment, systems, site organization, safety procedures, checks and check-ups.

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